Web Trading Platform

TradeStation Web Trading Platform

Not at your desktop trading platform? Not a problem. If you’ve got an internet connection, you’ve got TradeStation Web Trading platform.

Now you can securely log in from your Mac or PC web browser to check breaking news, monitor the markets, place a trade, or manage your positions and account. TradeStation powerful web-based trading platform gives you streaming real-time data and one-click trade execution – the same essential capabilities featured in TradeStation desktop trading software.

Flexible, simple and powerful enough to suit your trading needs

  • TradeStation Web Trading Platform allows you to use TradeStation from virtually any computer with Internet access and a browser.
  • TradeStation web trading platform includes the same core features offered by TradeStation Windows-based desktop platform, including:
    • Powerful TradeStation Charts with dozens of technical studies.
    • The Matrix – TradeStation most advanced one-click order-entry tool and order-tracking application.
    • Options Chains analysis capabilities.
    • Streaming market data.
    • TradeStation’s massive historical market data.
    • Fast and efficient order placement capabilities.
    • Monitoring of Accounts Positions, Balances and Orders.
    • Watch lists and Hot List.
    • Access to breaking news.
  • TradeStation powerful, easy-to-use web platform works in conjunction with TradeStation’s iOS and Android apps for a unified experience that uses TradeStation’s cloud technology.

What makes TradeStation web trading platform powerful?

  • It’s simple. TradeStation web trading is exceptionally easy-to-use, and it’s powered by the same robust market data and order execution technology that powers all TradeStation products.
  • It’s accessible. Access TradeStation web trading with any computer with Internet access and a browser – no download or installation required.
  • It’s fast. TradeStation web trading leverages the same power of TradeStation’s market data and order execution infrastructure, so you receive fast, high-quality market data and executions.

How to access Web Trading Platform

There are two easy ways to log into either your live account or your simulated account in Web Trading Platform:

  • Simply go to the Client Center – WebTrading.TradeStation.com and login.
  • Find the link “Log In”on the menu at the top of the TradeStation.com website.
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