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ElitePlatforms is the support representative of TradeStation in Israel. An award-winning trading platform that was ranks by voters of Stocks and Commodities as the Best “Trading System – Stocks” and Best “Trading System – Futures” for the fifteenth Consecutive Year. These days TradeStation is launching version 10, bringing the capabilities of trading stocks, derivatives and algo to new heights.

איך משקיעים במניות

Five things to know about TradeStation:


TASC, BARRON’S and StockBrokers choice for the best daily trading platform.


World advanced system for trading options and contracts for professional traders.


Fast, reliable order execution


Automated trading, optimization and backtesting that allows you to examine your strategic feasibility and success probabilities.


A wide, accurate and reliable market history data up to 90 years back.

This system has been developed by a large variety of traders in the capital market for more than 25 years, in order to reach the system with the most friendly interface that meets most trader’s needs. You are invited to click and learn about the many and varied options that the system offers.

We give support to TradeStation customers in Israel. We do not provide brokerage and your money does not pass through us and is not held by us. Like any other TradeStation customer, an account covered by federal insurance, will be opened in your name at JP Morgan. You will receive a user name and password from TradeStation, not from ElitePlatforms. Your personal reports can be retrieved either from the system itself or from the TradeStation website using your customer’s username and password.

TradeStation offers its clients reliable and professional services through one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world. Equities, equities options, and commodity futures products and services are offered by TradeStation Securities, Inc., member of NYSE, FINRA, CME and SIPC. Finra supervision on TradeStation can be found on the website under the name TradeStation



  • Trading in a wide range of financial instruments (stocks, options, futures, bonds, commodities, etc.).
  • One of the best graph systems in the world.
  • First-class technical analysis tools.
  • One of the fastest execution orders on the market, allowing the customer to obtain the best prices for transactions compared to competitors.
  • A historical database of up to 90 years.
  • A wide range of methods for delivering commands easily and efficiently.
  • One of the most advanced trading options in the world, which also provides built-in options strategies and possibilities for testing in three-dimensional graphs.
  • Flexibility and automated trading using languages ​​built into Easy Language and Object-Oriented Easy Language. ​​ Easy Language enables almost unlimited flexibility, which is not available in other systems, to adapt the system to the customer’s needs in any form, including a different interface adapted to the needs of the organization.
  • Easy Language and Object-Oriented Easy Language, enable the delivery of very complex commands automatically, in addition to the possibility of building almost any strategy and adapting it to the needs of the customer. Any such development is characterized by a stable language, which developed over decades as part of the trading platform, without the need for additional interfaces.
  • Tools for testing and improvements. The system contains a unique set of tools for Backtesting, Optimization, and Walk Forward Optimization that enable the customer to check the strategies, indicators and all the automated tools in a very thorough way with a variety of reports and graphs that contain hundreds of analysis data and enable the customer to reach a trade after examining his trading methods, in order to avoid trading errors.
  • The possibility of stock leverage in accordance with US regulation – (leverage up to 1: 4 in the day and 1: 2 at night).
  • Managed Portfolios.

TradeStation Receives The Highests Rating From

StockBrokers, TASC & Investopedia

פלטפורמת מסחר

Best Online Broker Overall
Top Five Brokers (2019)

פלטפורמת מסחר

Best Trading System
15th Year in a Row (2019)

איך משקיעים במניות

Best Platform Technology
7th Year in a Row (2019)

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