Advantages of Trading Stocks

TradeStation gives ETFs and stock traders a powerful combination of scalable tools for technical analysis and fundamental analysis, lightning-fast trading and award-winning learning and support resources.

  • User-friendly, and use both technical and fundamental trading strategies.
  • Real-time market data packages.
  • Lightning-fast trade execution.
  • Fast access to major U. S. exchanges and market centers.
  • Track custom alerts on hundreds of symbols in a single window.
  • Research stocks based on hundreds of historical and real-time technical and fundamental data fields.
  • Back-test your ideas with decades of stock market data – and automate your trades.
  • Direct access to exchanges and market makers in the United States.
  • Monitor custom alerts on hundreds of symbols in one window.
  • Viewing market depth and sending complex commands with one click – all from one screen.
  • Reverse lookup for more than 90 years of stock market data – including automating your trading.
  • Perform research on each count based on hundreds of fundamental and historical data in real time.
  • “Keep your finger on the pulse” of the markets with extensive lists of favorite symbols and indicators.

Earn Income through TradeStation’s Fully Paid Lending Program

TradeStation’s Fully Paid Lending Program allows you to earn income on your fully paid and excess margin securities without disrupting your trading.

Fully Paid Lending on Stock

Did you know your long stock positions could be making you extra income through TradeStation Fully Paid Stock Lending Program?

When we lend out certain fully paid or excess margin securities in your account, you’ll receive 30% of the interest we earn each day, with zero trading restrictions on the shares loaned out. Trade them at any time.

  • Sit back and relax while you earn income if TradeStation lend out eligible securities you own.
  • Low entry barriers to participate. A minimum of $25,000 in total net worth OR one (1) year of trading experience is needed.
  • The interest you earn is accrued daily in your account and posted on your monthly account statement.
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