Fully paid lending

Earn Extra Income

Boost your account balance with TradeStation Fully Paid Stock Lending program

With TradeStation’s Fully Paid Stock Program, your eligible stock positions may earn you extra income. When TradeStation lends out certain fully paid or excess margin securities in your account, you’ll receive a share of the interest TradeStation earn each day.

Low barriers to entry

Limited trading experience or a reasonable net worth to be eligible to participate in the program.

Daily interest accrual

The interest you earn is accrued daily in your account and posted in your monthly account statement.

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax while you earn income if we lend out eligible securities you own.

Who is eligible for Fully Paid Lending?

The Fully Paid Lending Program is available to all TradeStation clients who meet the following criteria:

How does it work?

  • We identify securities in your account that qualify for lending.
  • Based on market demand, some or all of your eligible securities will be loaned out.
  • You’ll accrue daily income while your securities are on loan.
  • Once securities on loan are sold or if the loan is recalled, income will no longer accrue to your account on that loan.
  • All securities on loan and accrued interest will be reflected in your monthly statement.

Are there trading restrictions?

  • There are no trading restrictions on securities that are loaned out. You can sell or transfer your positions at any time, just as you would if they weren’t on loan. As required, shares will be recalled and deposited back into your account.

What are the risks?

  • Shares loaned out are not protected by SIPC. There are also potential tax consequences.
  • There’s no guarantee that eligible securities in your portfolio will be loaned out, as there may be insufficient demand for the securities.
  • When securities are on loan you lose your ability to exercise voting rights. Other risks are outlined in the Fully Paid Lending Risk Disclosures you are given to review when you open an account and which are accessible through the TradeStation website.
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