Whether you’re trading in stock, commodity, currency, or interest rate indices, TradeStation gives you advanced analysis tools and graphs, real-time market depth and lightning-fast trading – along with award-winning learning and support resources.

Advantages of Trading Futures

  • Leverage. Control a large amount of notional value with a relatively small amount of capital.
  • Diversify. Expand your trading to opportunities that include over 150 Futures products.
  • Liquidity. Manage trading costs effectively in markets with high liquidity.
  • Round-the-clock trading. Take advantage of 24/6 trading hours.
  • Easier to go short. No short sale or hard-to-borrow restrictions like the ones that apply to shorting stocks.
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  • Direct access to all leading futures markets.
  • Speed, one-click commands and conditional commands.
  • Scan all futures markets in one window.
  • Analysis of futures markets with hundreds of structured indicators and trading strategies – or the possibility of creating your own tools.
  • Reverse lookup of your trading strategies with 48 years of continuous contract data customized.
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