Algorithmic Trading

Create Your Own Indicators and Strategies

Only TradeStation offers EasyLanguage® – TradeStation proprietary technology that enables any trader to easily create custom indicators and strategies and back-test them against TradeStation massive historical database. You do not have to be a computer whiz to do it – EasyLanguage® was designed for traders, not programmers.

If you’d rather not create your own custom indicators and strategies, just visit the TradeStation TradingApp® Store, where you’ll find hundreds of TradeStation-compatible products – indicators, strategies and more – designed by independent third-party software developers. It’s like a candy store – for traders.

Test your trading strategies before you trade

TradeStation simulated trading account allows you to test your strategies in real-time – without risking your capital.

You also have access to one of the industry’s largest historical market databases, allowing you to back-test your stock, options, and futures trading strategies on decades of historical market data.

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